A bite-sized horror text-adventure game for the Bite-Sized Horror Text Game Jam.

Fullscreen recommended.

Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
AuthorGame Overtures
Made withTwine
TagsSurvival Horror, Text based, Twine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone

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Fun game!! Really enjoyed it

Oh, I did it! At least, I kept myself safe and know nothing about the emergency ;) Wonder what the other ending is...

Ah sweet, I got it. Nice little game.

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I think i found a bug. If you go to close the front door and go downstairs without finding jeremy first the game eventually stops working with the line "looking at the ceiling,"


Thanks for reporting this!

I'll try to get a patch in ASAP and let you know.


This same bug also seems to occur when the front door is locked, you go upstairs, and look at the ceiling, without having met Jeremy.

"Looking at the ceiling,"

Not sure if being armed matters or not.


I feel like something maybe isn't triggering somewhere? I swear I've tried every combination of being armed / unarmed. I've looked up everywhere that doesn't kill me, with / without Jeremy, I've murdered this poor guy in every room of the house so far just to see if it changes anything lol. I have also given him the courtesy of a tour of the entire house first though!

There is always "lights up and down the street outside," that doesn't change. If the door is unlocked, I can go downstairs and get told "Shouldn't it be locked?" The emergency broadcast remains unchanged. 

The furthest progress seems to be locking the door, going downstairs, ending up in a every-option-kills-you scenario.

I have even tried just waiting around in the basement for example to "await further instructions" or  seeing if there's any sort of invisible timer when I'm told "not to move" but...nothin'.

Is it just me? Am I bad at it? LOL

This is a really cool premise though. I love "cryptic rules horror" and the atmosphere is very interesting! I just wish I could see it through. 


Yeah, so most options do kill you, that's true.

I'm just trying to recover the source code so I can fix what's broken at the moment, but I'm a bit worried I'll need to just remake it from scratch and fix the bugs.

There are only 2 ways to survive, and I can tell you how to get them if you like, or I can give more cryptic hints. :P


I've just uploaded a new version, fixes implemented and all!

After going over your description, I'll just say that you were absolutely on the right track for a good ending, just follow the instructions from the opening prompt TO THE LETTER.

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Ok, awesome! I followed the instructions exactly without even venturing into the Living Room, and discovered one of the endings. Huzzah! Who'd a thunk the authorities would have our best interest in mind?

Heads up though: Sadly, looking up in that scene will still trigger the "looking at the ceiling, " bug where nothing advances. 

I wouldn't mind a hint about the other ending though...because I get locked into a basement stand-off and...I don't move, as instructed. But nothing happens.

I smoke poor Jeremy right in front of them like some madman lol, then hear scraping above me and then wait...but nothing advances there either. 

Any of those 6 options given prove deadly. So I'm decidedly stumped. :P

Also many thanks for being so responsive! 


Oh geez, thanks for letting me know, I'll check into those bugs as well. It can be a bit difficult to account for all the things that might happen, sorry about that.

As for the other good ending;

Don't obey orders. 

It's dangerous to go alone so take weapons, and maybe don't go alone?

Maybe check the fridge a bit? If you have to venture outside it's best not to do so on an empty stomach.

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So I tried that just now: Go to foyer, lock door, go straight back to basement. I end up with "the broadcast is unchanged" and my only option being "look up". Doing so causes the game to say "Looking at the ceiling," and freeze.

Deleted 1 year ago

Sorry you had to run into this bug!

I've recreated it and I'll be able to put out a new patch sometime tonight. Thank you for bringing it to my attention and for your patience.


The fix has been published!

Thanks again for your patience!


The bug fixes are out!

Thanks again for reporting!


is there any way i can survive, or does every scenario end with my death?

There are 2 ways to get out alive. Pay attention to the instructions at the beginning for one. For the other try a few runs through the house, look for changes in the text, and don't follow advice.


is it possible not to die


Is there some way to not die?


Neat, pretty spooky stuff.